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The Reality of Freelance Writing


So I’ve been extremely busy. It’s strange how it seems one minute you are scrambling for work and jobs as a freelancer, and the next minute you’re so loaded down you wonder if you’ll ever keep up or have time to enjoy all that nonexistent freedom and flexibility that freelancing was supposed to bring with it. No, I’m certainly not complaining, although rather than moving ahead with my plan to achieve world domination through writing, I’ve only gotten so far as providing some clients with SERP’s domination, but I do believe I’ve gotten myself sidetrack a bit.


I had hoped to have by now published a small collection of humorous short stories, and perhaps landed a simple gig writing a weekly column. Instead, I have written perhaps 50 websites, and over 70,000 words of marketing copy. I’ve even taken on several side projects as favors and trades for services, such as building simple websites for folks who normally wouldn’t have one. I am certainly no fan of site building and would much prefer to simply write, but the moment you mention having some ability with HTML and the related software, you inevitably end up making at least one or five websites.


Truth be told, it has helped round me out a bit and provided valuable experience, (Website developers have a very tough job, they earn their pay) but it has eaten a great deal of the time I would normally spend keeping myself up to date on the latest developments in SEO and Google algorithm updates. The latter has bitten me square in ass and left me red faced recently, so scramble to get myself back on the SEO horse as well it is! I suppose I should be extremely thankful for my current position considering the current economic climate, and I am. I’ve even found a little time for a new air gun hobby courtesy of a new client.


But I do believe it is time for another round of introspection and evaluation. I expect I’ll be revamping my entire blog and site here to reflect a more focused direction in the near future, and can say with some certainty it won’t be so much ABOUT freelance writing as just plain practicing freelance writing. I hope to see some of my past visitors coming back, and certainly look forward to bringing in a whole slew more. With any luck, I’ll find that balance between engagement/entertainment and revenue I’ve been looking for without getting dismissed as a sellout.






Thanks to all three of you for stopping in and reading. :)




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  1. Mari-Lyn 06/22/2012, 11:02 pm:

    Hi Paul,
    Glad to hear you have been busy making money- look forward in seeing your new site and the updates.

    Have a great weekend!

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