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My cup runneth over!

Sheesh, asked for it didn’t I? I had a feeling when putting my good intentions out there that it would result in some attempts at exploitation. Back when I wrote that I was disabling nofollow, I was sure I would get at least a couple clowns who just wouldn’t get it. But c’mon folks, let’s be reasonable here. Maybe you’re just not very net savvy. Perhaps you think just posting your link everywhere is going to get the job done and you’ll get massive traffic with all of your “Come see my website! Look, look, look at me!”. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’re mistaken. Let me clear something up for you.

No, you will not gain traffic. What you’ll gain, is a blacklisting from Google, and a lot of annoyed people who would enjoy nothing more than letting your provider know what they think of you and your site.

No, you will not reach the top of the search engines. You will be excluded from them, and any chances you ever had of enjoying their very valuable services will go *poof* like a moth in a bug zapper in the middle of August.

And finally, no, you’re link won’t get posted here.

This is just a bit of preaching on my part as I realize none of this will soak in or make any difference. It makes me feel better though. Tell you what. If you guys really want some traffic, contact me through my sites contact form, or email me, and I’ll personally help you to get to the top of the search engines with my exclusive secret methods. If you act now I’ll even throw in my even more secret secrets to making money online with no work, no effort, no money, and no ability all absolutely free!

You look like you could use it.

Loaded with spam in my comments queue, in one day. *sigh*

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It’s a good thing I enjoy writing

So this is what it’s like to be loaded down with paper work. Boy am I happy. Not two phrases you’d expect to read together is it? I’ve recently begun writing for an article service and the results at this point are pretty decent. Although it’s not in line with my preferred writing goals, it is showing itself to be a nice source for exposure and experience, not to mention it’s a regularly paying arrangement. I wont be getting any publishing offers from it, and I wont be appearing in any prominent media, but I’m really not too concerned with things like that anyways for the time being.

The biggest drawback is that I now have to allocate my time more carefully, and avoid short changing all the other efforts I’ve currently got going. I still have two websites to maintain and promote, content to create and get published, a business to maintain, and one other new effort I am eager to get started on that I’d like to mention before concluding this entry.

Recently on Linkedin an individual posted to the forums an interesting request. He asked if anyone would help promote him and his artwork for free. As you can imagine, there weren’t a lot of replies. I almost passed it by, but curiosity got the better of me, and I checked him out a little bit. What I found was an extremely interesting character, with a back story almost tailor made for a biography or non fiction novel. This guy is living a lifestyle that most of us would find enviable, and would probably try if we had the guts. I found myself seriously wondering if maybe I would be able to do something for him, primarily because the world with all it’s political and economic doom and gloom could use a few more stories like his right now.

His is a story of lifelong dreams, what it really means to be alive, and making what you love into doing what you love. He isn’t rich, and he isn’t a poster child for bohemian living. To me he represents a truly free soul making his way in this world of demands and responsibilities. And he’s showing anyone who cares to take notice, that the only demands and responsibilities that really matter, are the ones you place upon yourself.

There’s a lot of story there, and I doubt my abilities are up to doing it justice. I’ll be working instead on promotion, and getting him noticed by people who can do a better job of putting his artwork out there where everyone can enjoy it. It’s not going to be a source of income for me by a longshot, but it’s a great story with what I suspect is a hell of a lot of background and substance, and it deserves some exposure.

I’m anxious to get to work on promoting him and his work right away, but have to put it off a few days because I have all these responsibilities and demands to deal with.

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There’s children starving in India.

I’m telling you, the American dollar must not be in as dire of straights as we’re being led to believe by the big brained economists of the world. Judging by the prices offered for freelance writing jobs, fifteen cents must be able to feed a family of four for three days in a third world country somewhere. How else can a writer from India offer to put together thirty articles of eight hundred to twelve hundred words for two or three dollars each?  If you have any experience with writing for hire, you know how ridiculous this really is. If you break it down into hourly pay and just the actual act of writing, even going as low as twenty minutes per article, you’re looking at working for six dollars an hour.  Not exactly a stellar incentive to get those keys flying.

I’ve been seeing some pretty outlandish attempts at justifying these sorts of rates. Companies seeking writers for hire often offer five dollars an article and tout it as some great above average deal, then add a little claim in the job description that their current writers can churn out content in five to eight minutes per piece. Yeah right, and I’m almost finished with my fiftieth novel of the month. Sure, I can pump out some copy in that kind of time frame. I can also promise you, that it will be some of the most generic, poorly structured, fluffy pieces of crap I’ve ever written.  Don’t even think of expecting anything informative or actionable.

 It doesn’t matter that putting a time frame on writing for hire isn’t an exacting process. There is research, formatting, rewrites, editing, and all the rest that’s required to factor into the equation. Writing for hire isn’t just being given a subject then having the words magically fly from your fingertips. The information doesn’t just appear in the writers mind. The words don’t correct their own typos. They don’t line themselves up into proper grammar and put themselves into the most clever of combinations. They don’t jump into the proper format and adhere to a set keyword density. A writer does that, and it’s work.

It’s telling that just as commonplace as the pitiful job offers, are the requests that writers be natural English speakers. Well hell, let me guess. Someone hired a guy from Pakistan at two dollars an article to write his web stores content, and ended up with a web site full of “we are being very happy to having helped you”. What did he expect? Shakespear?

I recently received a request to review a website. It seems the owner had viewed my website, and took the chance of contacting me for advice. He was not happy with how his sites content was done, and had already paid for the content and construction. So I checked it out for him. (Which I did at no charge btw, I’m nice like that sometimes)

 I found a nice template set up that had some of the most atrocious grammar I’ve ever seen. Comprehension of the English language was nowhere in sight. Misspellings and grammatical errors were rampant. The saddest part was that the site is geared towards commercial investment, with the goal of picking up management and investment contracts in the five and six digit figure range. No professional in his right mind would have considered giving that firm a chance with his money after viewing that site. After a little investigation prompted by a strong suspicion, I found that lo and behold, the writer was from the Philippines.  What a surprise.

When I first started offering my writing services, I knew better than to make proposals to any of the individuals seeking to pay these outlandishly low rates. They are doing themselves and the writers a serious disservice, and it’s obvious they are not serious about whatever project it is they are involved in. Despite this, I still find myself on the receiving end of rejections quite often, just like every other writer out there. What dismays me are the reasons given for this rejection.

 Eight times out of ten, I will receive a rejection that praises my writing. The latest I received called it “the best”, which I assume means the best out of all the proffered offers. It also stated that I was just too expensive which I simply cannot agree with. I’m good at what I do, that’s why I’m here. I target the exact middle of a price range, and most times I am low balling myself as it is. I’m a bargain.

When these individuals are paying for content, and are wondering why  their visitors don’t come back, why their product doesn’t move, why their site isn’t gaining organic links, why no one takes them seriously, maybe it’s because they are getting exactly what they paid for.

The problem is not that I am too expensive. I’m cheaper to hire than most. The problem is that I am not willing to short change myself just so I can pick up a job or two. I’ll leave that to the writers with starving children in India.


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My RSS feeds died. So naturally, I had to destroy my entire database to fix it.

Some links are still DOA, but everything is fixed for the most part.

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