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Updating Themes and Site Improvements


After a week of work the dust is finally settling and some semblance of order is being restored here on Writingfourmylife*. Although I’m not quite ready to lift martial law …

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Improving Alexa Rank: Should You and How


As a writer who produces text intended mainly for use on the web, I am always trying to learn more about how I can improve my work’s web effectiveness. Since …

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Changing Trends. Could This Be a New Trend? Order Now!!!


OK folks, it’s October and the holidays are fast approaching. This means the 2011 New Years is next week, the 2020 summer is right around the corner, and our mortal …

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Dear Writingfourmylife: I’m Cheap


Sorry folks. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the humor in this one….   “Dear Writingfourmylife, —-Thank you for submitting a proposal for: “Need someone for writing articles find …

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Professional Writing Services

Smart business owners know there is no such thing as overnight success. They also know that today's marketplace is online. If you're in it for the long haul and are success minded, you need an online presence. I have helped many businesses increase their exposure, develop their branding, and grow their customer base through website design and content development.

Whether it's an online presence, or direct e-commerce application, I can help you make it happen. Best of all, I can do it cheaper and better than most.

Visit my business page Writingfourmylife.com to learn more.



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