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Do Away With the “Two Party System”



Warning. Political ranting ahead……


While the partisan credulous bask in the false security of their “safe” jobs and precarious health insurance plans decrying the evils of their chosen opposition, Americans spend another day looking for work that doesn’t exist and grapple with the reality of being denied healthcare for easily treated illnesses because their own health insurance was cancelled when they fell ill. While the partisan credulous lockstep with their political idols and hold the party line regardless of its irrationality or consequence, Americans worry for their children’s futures.

 When politicians rally their faithful and the partisan credulous heed the call, they enjoin the mindless war of manufactured false ideologies, demonizing those who question or disagree. They attack and battle over ephemeral beliefs and impractical, nostalgic, obsolete and irrelevant values that should they win the war, hold no hope for repairing the damages caused by the battles. As this country continues to struggle with unemployment, recession, illegal immigration, and a changing world stage that threatens to thrust us into obscurity and irrelevancy if we cannot bring ourselves to face the facts of reality, the partisan credulous would claw each other like rats on a sinking ship; they will go down and drown like the rest, and all their clawing and biting will do nothing to stop the rush of the water.

We cannot continue to label and divide ourselves with ridiculous and asinine party affiliations. We cannot continue to judge the character and moral value of our fellow countrymen on their political leanings. This kind of internal division and strife is responsible for much of the senseless death and destruction that currently holds large portions of the globe in the grip of darkness. Do we really want to become like those nations divided by imaginary lines; where political murders are commonplace and no one trusts anyone? Where freedom is hollow and your neighbor may be your blood enemy simply because of his thoughts?

 We are rushing headlong towards a future where our country’s biggest threat comes not from some outside aggressor, but from within, from ourselves. Our national identity, our sense of community and country is becoming lost in a sea of uncontrolled and undirected immigration, confused incomprehension of constitutional law, ludicrous political correctness, greed, and unrestrained abuse of bastardized capitalist ideals. We have no right to point to the left and scream, “It’s all your socialist programs fault!”. We have no right to point to the right and accuse, “Your irrational right wing lunacy is tearing this country apart!”. We have only ourselves to blame.

We can only look to ourselves and realize that it is our own gullibility, credulous natures, and irrational behaviors that have allowed politicians and corporate leaders to exploit this nation and ourselves in their quests for power and fortune. It’s our fault we are in this mess and rather than accept responsibility for the mess, like spoiled children we point the finger and blame Johnny next to us. We don’t need a third political party to balance things out. We don’t need political placating and promises to “find a way to reach across the aisle”. We need to remove the aisle. We need to do away with the division.

We need to tell our politicians to stop the ideological warring, and get back to doing the job of running this country, of addressing the problems that plague us. We need to retake our country from those who have made the war of political ideologies the be all end all of the game. I say outlaw the organized political party. From where I am standing, I can’t see a single thing to lose by doing so. In fact, it looks to me like we have nothing to lose but one hell of a lot of dead weight.


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The Other 95%

 For those tired of the endless insanity that seems to make up politics today. Someones seems to have finally figured it out. The insanity is not the majority, it just gets more media time.



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U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

Believe it or not, there is plenty of good information to be found at the Department of State’ website. Several department officials regularly post op-ed’s, and if you need to, you can verify or debunk inaccuracies found in others coverage of the dept’s officials, get transcripts, and basically find a wealth of info not normally covered by the media. As well as information, the Dept. of State has added interactivity to its site, and some of it is in all truth pretty cool. Check out Opinion Space  to see what I’m talking about.


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I feel your pain. Really, I do.

Ah the wonderful world of politics. A world where the normal rules of common sense, reasonable expectations, and responsibility are alien entities. A world populated by those who revel in their lack as if they were living in a Utopia. A world where the basest, most avaricious facets of human nature underpin reality and the populace represents a mindless herd; valued for its sheer numbers, and disdained for its gullibility.

Why shouldn’t I see it that way? After the last nine years, I don’t think I could possibly see it any other way. And I even dare say I’m not the only one who does. This kind of cynicism is everywhere you look and it’s there with good reason.

For eight years we had a political party in control that seemed more concerned with the growth and consolidation of its power than it was with the productive and beneficial management of a nation. One after another, examples of abuses rolled down the pike and were splashed across the news pages. Each time you could almost feel the collective grumblings of a beleaguered American public as these abuses washed over them. The 2000 election fraud allegations, Enron, Haliburton, Valerie Plame, Tom Delay, John Ashcroft, Jack Abramoff, The Iraq War, suppression and distortion of scientists and studies, USA attorney firings, Abu Gharib, and on and on and on. From the first four years of George Bush’s term, it seemed the American public was in for one hell of a ride, and for eight years a hell of a ride it was. Over a year after Bush left office the fallout still lingers. Thick as ever, permeating and poisoning an American political system that wasn’t too healthy to begin with.

For awhile it seemed like relief was at hand. The Bush administrations end was drawing near, and a feeling that it could only get better seemed to be taking root. A vicious presidential election tempered this optimism, and resentful, irrational partisanship drove a spike through its heart. What should have been the clean start of a new administration has turned into a battleground. Every glimmer of opportunity for the American public is quashed under a torrent of political infighting. New players have entered the stage exploiting every move towards recovery and healing as a tool for the acquisition of partisan control. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, only worse.

So why shouldn’t I feel cynical? Why shouldn’t I feel as if the country I love and live in is being eaten alive from within by the division and hatred of ridiculous faux political ideologies? Am I supposed to be heartened by the headlines? How can I when every morning brings with it another update on why the Republicans hate the Democrats and will do anything within their power to obstruct them, and the Democrats can’t get past being scared of losing their first taste of control in a decade long enough to actually get something done?

Why shouldn’t I be sick of Sarah Palin, Rod  Blagojevich, Mark Sanford,  Joe Wilson, William Jefferson, Michele Bachmann?

And who suffers? The political and rich, or the victimized and trampled public? Does anyone buy any elected officials claims to understanding and feeling our pain? How can they feel our pain? How can they when their healthcare is assured? How can they when unemployment is just a word, and despair a tool for manipulation? What kind of pain comes from losing an election, then making millions pandering to the fears of the voters? What kind of pain comes from stealing millions, then getting a slap on the wrist and a vacation on a far away island?

I was always under the impression that pain was an impetus for action. That hurt spurred efforts at relief. I’m not seeing any relief. Neither is anyone else if the news has got anything even half right. I’m seeing more and more injury. It’s in the lost jobs and the uninsured. It’s in the giant bonuses for corporate failures and the bailouts for dismal investments.  How does the saying go? “It’s easy to hurt others, when you can’t feel pain”?

I’m no longer interested in who’s the latest victim of political gotcha. I started calling myself an independent 9 years ago when the disgust with our political system first began settling in and my then fledgling appreciation of objectivity forced personal appraisals. But holding no political affiliation is not insulation from the effects of partisanship run amok. I DO feel the pain. I feel it every time our twelve year old has to go to the doctor and the rent is due. I feel it every time my spouse complains of the exhaustion that never seems to go away. I feel it every time the Republicans attack a modest proposal, and Democrats do their deer in the headlights impression.

The public does feel the pain. Their world is not the world of politics. Theirs is the world of realities. Where pain is real and present, and actions have consequences. But it must not hurt enough yet, because although the public is ultimately the victim in the game of ideological facades, it’s also the ultimate rules maker as well. Rather than use its ability to enforce the rules, to kick out of the game those who would lie, cheat, and steal, it gives them power and control in exchange for promises to play nice, then wonders why nothing ever changes.


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