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Graphics and Branding Development

Website content goes far beyond text alone. Images and graphics play a huge role in how well a website performs, as well as forming the bulk of a site’s character and appearance. Graphics also play a major role in branding, helping to form a unique and easily recognizable look that tells your customers who you are and what they can expect.

We can help you identify and develop your brand. We can work with you to develop your online identity and turn it into visual reality with a great logo and store appearance that ties together to form a strong brand identity. Graphics and branding include a wide variety of images, with everything from your business logo to your site background, container images, buttons, dividers, arrows, and any other necessary graphics all needing to work together to form your site’s identity.

We work with you to develop a color and character scheme and use this as a basis to begin development of your business logo. Later, everything is then tied together to produce an appealing and unique website appearance that visitors to your store will remember. We produce most site graphics ourselves, which allows us to keep costs low while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the design process. We do however retain the services of some great graphics professionals, which allows us to provide the ability to produce almost any kind of design and appearance you can dream up.

Whether you need a full scale site design and build out, or just want to develop a logo for your brand, we can help. We can produce images suitable for websites, or large and scalable images for printing and signage. We can provide graphics in a wide variety of formats including but not limited to JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF, and Vector.

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