Design and Development Services

Chances are, you’ve thought about having your own website. Maybe you’d like to try out blogging, or perhaps you have a business and would like to expand its reach and productivity. You might have tried to create a site yourself from scratch, or tried one of those free website builders but just weren’t happy with the results. If you’re like most people, your day is already pretty full and spending hours trying to put together a website worthy of your business just doesn’t fit into your schedule.

We can take the pain and hassle out of getting your online presence built. From choosing a domain name, to deciding on the look and feel of your site, we’ve got you covered. Most folks have only a vague idea of what they want from a website and an even less clear idea of what to expect from one. We can get you running right past all the uncertainty and help you build a website that not only represents the character of your business, but gives your business the boost it needs to go from doing ok, to running like gangbusters. We even offer the ability to host and manage your site, making set up and maintenance truly an effortless experience.

-How We Help You Build Your Website-

Before we even consider what your website will look like, we’ll first help you learn what to expect from one. We’ll guide you through the process of putting together realistic online goals, then help you choose the features and design you need to achieve them. We’ll show you the pros and cons of various site platforms, determine the type of management system that best fits your needs, and work with you to craft a look and character that just feels "right".

By the time your site is up and running, you’ll understand how your site works and be able to manage its day to day operation without a hitch. And of course, we’ll always be here to guide you through those unavoidable mistakes and problems that can pop up at the most inopportune times.

We have some favorite content management systems and site platforms we typically recommend, including OpenCart, CMS Made Simple, and last but not least, the always popular Wordpress blogging platform.

We also provide full custom site designs from scratch and can also work with existing graphics, logos, and even old outdated website code. We have a pretty nifty graphic design capability and for those who want all out "shock and awe" level graphics, we work with some of the best in the business.

Finally, we can help you populate your new site with the kind of killer content that will build your credibility and boost your site up the search engine rankings.

If all of this sounds like it could work for you, contact us now to set up an appointment. ¬†With us in your corner, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy as you watch your site grow from the ground up into a vital and powerful part of your business.

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